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Street Dance Academy was first established in Sandbach 2007, and opened with a handful of classes in a small church hall.  It gives us great pride knowing that we have grown to between 300 – 400 members in 5 areas, we have 9 competing crews, 18 show teams, 32 dance classes per week, won world titles, ( UDO world champions in 2010, twice in 2014 & 2nd & 3rd place in 2015) competed nationally and internationally and are home to the top teams in Street dance for Cheshire and England.


We hold master classes with the world’s best choreographers and perform on prestigious platforms and finally have gained a brilliant well known reputation whilst having crazy amounts of fun.


SDA students are encouraged to develop to their full potential, to achieve this we constantly have numerous performance opportunities, IDTA examinations, professional workshops with the industry’s best professionals, competitions nationwide, and our mammoth Annual Showcase.


Our aim is to equip our dancers with as much industry experience as they choose to take, our dance school is not just for the elite dancer, its for the 3 year old that loves to wiggle, the adult dancer who wants to get fit, the dancer who wants to meet friends and have fun and the aspiring professional dancer who wants as much experience and training as they can get. But no matter what kind of dancer you are, at SDA you are guaranteed to have FUN doing so.


SDA is one big family, not matter your skill level or position or team your in, everybody is a valued member! SDA is run by Julie and her team . All teachers at SDA are first aid trained, Fully Qualified, DBS checked, Licensed Chaperones, and Insured.


Together they aim to deliver, real street knowledge through foundational techniques, and let the dancers live the real street and Hip Hop culture but most importantly they deliver FUN!

Street Dance Academy welcomes all to participate in its events and is proud to serve all the communities of Cheshire East and beyond. Street Dance Academy will not exclude anybody from its activities, unless they are deliberately interrupting others enjoyment through anti-social and/or intimidating behavior .  To view Street Dance Academy's full terms and conditions please click on the button below

Your Teachers 

Julie Harris

Principal Teacher

 "Hi ! I am the Owner and Principal of SDA, here are a few words about me and the dance culture of our academy, but first here are my qualifications in dancing


* MSc Dance Medicine & Science -   Merit
* BA(hons) Dance Practice & Performance - Upper 2.1
* BTDA Teachers -  Distinction
* IDTA Associate Street Dance -Teacher  Distinction
* Qualified First Aider


 I am the Principal choreographer of SDA and continue to attend workshops, perform and teach all over the world to further my knowledge and development and to keep our movement fresh!  I believe with dance you can never stop learning no matter how old you are, or how long you've been dancing.  I have visited LA and Vegas learning from some masters of movement at Debbie Reynolds and Millennium studios, and jamming with the likes of Crazy Legs, The Rock Steady Crew and a few LXD dancers. In New York I experienced the dance scene there training at the world famous Broadway Centre. I believes experience in dance performance makes the best teacher!


My passion now is to give the young dancers of Cheshire the knowledge learned from all these Pioneers of Hip Hop Dance. My academy teaches real street styles, from London (especially the London Underground scene), LA, France, New York etc. I want to make street attainable to people of all ages, from all cultures.


To sum it up, the academy teaching keeps it real and oh so much fun!!!  My Master’s Degree in Dance Medicine and Science ensures while choreographing recognises how the dancer’s body works, and how to train safely! So you know that your child, student is gaining the best training it can!

Christian Worstencroft


I have been dancing at Street Dance Academy since  I was 11 years old. Throughout my years at SDA i have learnt a variety of different styles such as: Breakin, Lockin, House, Krump, Hip Hop, Street etc. My main goal in teaching is to give every child a opportunity to express themselves through dance whilst passing on my knowledge, passion and creativity. As a dancer i have been a member of Phantom for a number of years now;  we have performed at many different venues/competitions e.g Regent Theatre, Lyceum Theatre, Birmingham Hippodrome, World Championships, Hip Hop International, Peridot Tour and many more. As a teacher i have been teaching for several years at many different levels, i first started by teaching Breakin for a number of years, whilst i gathered the knowledge of other styles in the Street Dance Umbrella. I love to pass on my passion for dance through a very energetic class, a great family atmosphere and wide variety/knowledge of music genres.


'If you are given the chance to be a role model, you are very blessed; as you have the opportunity  to influence a students life in a positive light and thats what i want to do, thats what it is all about'

Sarah Shayne


I have been dancing for as long as I can remember, ever since a young age I have trained in a variety of styles including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Breakin, Hip-Hop, Locking, House, Waacking etc. I have also trained classically in music as a young child playing the flute, which I have found, has helped me over the years understand the basis of the music that I have danced to.


SDA has given me many opportunities over the years as a performer to dance on a selection of different platforms alongside phenomenal acts such as Morning of owl, King Charles and Plague. Also I currently hold the title for UDO Over 16 World Bgirl Champion. I believe that as a teacher my job is to pass on the knowledge that I have gathered to the future generations but at the same time I must train myself so that I am always improving I have done this by attending regular workshops, classes and dance camps with choreographers such as Kyle Hanagami, Parris Goebel, Hollywood, Laure Courtellement, Roxrite, Crazy Legs, Poe One, Keone and Mari Madrid.

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Street Dance - Teaching For All Ages
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