Studio   Procedures

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The Procedures details below are the result of the completion of THE SDA COVID 19 Risk Assessment below







This is a summary of how we plan on keeping you guy’s safe and happy.


  • You must pay online in advance of the class. SDA is not accepting CASH PAYMENTS to adhere to track and trace regulations.

  • Social distancing will be adhered to strictly!

  • You must use hand sanitiser on entry and exit to studio.

  • One way system will be applied at all studios

  • Masks must be worn on entry and exit to the studio

  • Toilet facilities are available please try and avoid, you must wear a mask to the bathroom.

  • There will be designated areas taped out for dancers to remain in for the duration of the class.

  • You may only bring ONE water bottle and ONE small bag. You must keep these in your designated space.

  • Sufficient gaps between classes for cleaning including floors, wash room and all surfaces, handles, switches etc


  • This means 1 hour classes will finish after 50mins and 1 Hour 30 minute classes will finish 1 hour 20mins to allow safe change over and cleaning.

  • Teachers will be wearing masks at all times and will wash hands and clean in-between classes.

  • No walk ins

  • No spectators in the studio only class participants.

  • Only the dancer may enter the studio building.

  • For the Babez classes, the parents can accompany their child into the studio and remain for the duration of the class but must adhere to social distancing and any additional instruction requested by the teacher.

  • No late arrivals please

  • No waiting areas

  • These guidelines will be available on the website for viewing.


We want to thank you for working with us, my main priority is everyone’s SAFETY!!! But I want to thank you all for being so supportive and wonderful through this very difficult time. 

Julie Harris
Tel: 01785 812126
Mobile: 07931 451801