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“They are awesome!!!! Treat all the kids the same no favoritism and everyone supports each other like one big family”

SDA   2024

Hi Guys,


2023 at SDA has been wonderful! 

March We have seen a 100% Honors Pass Rate for our Medal Test’s something that has NEVER been done before. 

April our Gfunk Junior Crew attended one of the most prestigious Dance Showcase events in the UK, Dancers Delight which SDA was invited to take part in. So many trophies at Comps throughout the year! 


Gfunk took part in Breakin Convention which is  an international Arts Council Critically Acclaimed  Hip Hop dance Professional Showcase we also got an awesome review in the Sadlers Wells critique and were the only Local Act to do so. 

Soar Weekender we went with two contemporary teams, an unbelievable showcase, 8 comp teams and a megacrew who all came away with 1st - 4th Places including phenomenal win from Gfrunk megacrew who won be 24 points and took home £1000. 

Lyceum Showcase this year was a huge success, one of the best the date!! 


None of this would be possible without my wonderful team of teachers, Wusty, Codie, Lara, abbey, Kim, millie, Lara, Dan and Leo and our awesome student teachers faith, Amalie, Gracie & Sarah! You guys are wonderful humans who I put so much into the classes! 


The Official Fundraising team has been born: Headed by Lucy Ransome and Lynn Walton along side Ali Kay, Jamie Naylor, Colin Walton, Emma Naylor, Julie Nurton, Nolana Fielding, Rebecca Louise, Rosie Windsor, Tracey and John Lavin!  These wonderful parents that give up their time for your kids! They  bake, give up Saturdays to run the tuck shop, collect raffle prizes and plan and runmoney raising events. They pester you to buy raffle tickets and it’s all going back to your kids.


They, throughout the year  raise money with your help by donating prizes, buying raffle tickets and attending events. They have raised over £800 and then another £317.50 at the Christmas Show 


The money they have raised this year  has  kitted out our Breakin Convention dancers on the tour in June, funded printing for Venture, printing and outfits  for Prestige , Unified team for their Alton Towers Comp coming up in March 24. 

I am beyond grateful to be a part of the incredible SDA Dance School family because they say it takes a Village to raise a child and this point could not be any truer for SDA.  It’s all thanks to the unwavering support and dedication of our outstanding teachers, student teachers and parent helpers. Without them, SDA Dance School simply wouldn't exist

thank you


Please make note of these dates, book off work, etc for next year! (OLDER ONES IM TAKING TO YOU!!!) Book it off!!! 


Term 5 

15th April - 25th May 

6 weeks 

5th May UDO  

Bank holiday 6th May 2024 

28th April Calling you out Street 

12th May Contemporary comp 

19th May IDTA award ceremony 

Half term is 27th May - 2nd June


Term 6

3rd June - 21st July 

7 weeks 

Lyceum 21st July 2024 


If new to the academy , after your trial and registration. Please Set up a standing order with your bank for the monthly fees to leave your account and reach our account by the 4th of each month  starting  on September 2023. The last payments will be August 4th 2024.


Please set up ONE standing order per class!! So if you are Felicia McHipHop and you are in Venture and in addition do Commercial we would need you to set up two standing orders one with the reference  Felicia MH Commercial and the other with Felicia MH Venture as the reference field is limited In Summary put your First Name Plus Surname initial and Class.

Each sibling requires a separate standing order. Once set up this covers the year September to August

Please note sibling discount is now 25% reduction on the lowest priced sibling class.

e.g Fred and George Weasley Fred is in Dynamite monthly cost £29.25 and George is in Gforce £24.40 so the discount would be applied to George at 25% which is £6.1 so George pays £18.30 per month.


Details to set up standing orders for Sandbach and Shavington classes are:


Street Dance Academy

Account no: 54301173

Sort Code: 01- 08 -32


Details to set up standing orders for Holmeschapel  are:


Account Name: Sarah Shayne

Account No: 94017812

Sort Code: 09-01-29



If you are leaving you must cancel the standing order the month after you leave the academy. If a payment is missed/late/lost please note an admin fee will occur.

We are confident that this change will enhance your overall experience with us and make managing your payments cheaper and easier in this cost of living crisis. 

SDA appreciate your patience and cooperation during this transition period and if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Street Dance   Academy   - Summary Timetable 

the table below displays SDA's current time table presenting all our classes, if you are interested in a particular class , note the day of the week go to the classes menu , select the day of the week then the class details will be available there

When viewing the table below on a mobile Please select + sign to view teams ,times  and fees

Our    GDPR   Privacy   Notice

When you have a moment, Have a look at our Privacy Policy to align with GDPR 


Street Dance Academy is a dance company based in Cheshire specializing in street styles, teaching the real foundational elements of Hip Hop, Locking, Poppin, Breakin, Waacking, Krump and house dance from age 3 to adults alike.


SDA prides itself on creating a friendly, personal and fun environment to learn, build confidence and achieve.  SDA will inspire and challenge its’ students to be the best they can possibly be, no matter what your goal, you will be made to feel welcome and valued by both staff and each student dancer, you will become part of our ever growing SDA Family.  


SDA aims to guide each student onto a pathway designed to meet their individual training needs, whether it just be for fun, to get fit, or to become a professional dancer.

Street Dance - Teaching For All Ages
Contact Us


Julie Harris

Mobile: 07931 451801

Cheshire, England

United Kingdom

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