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Terms and  Conditions

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Street Dance Academy welcomes all to participate in its events and is proud to serve all the communities of Cheshire East and beyond. Street Dance Academy will not exclude anybody from its activities, unless they are deliberately interrupting others enjoyment through anti-social and/or intimidating behavior.

In order to operate a smooth and successful running of the Academy. We do kindly ask all parents/guardians and students who join to read our Terms and Conditions

Fees, Deposits and Refunds

1. A fee is charged for each Competition or Show class enrolled per term. 

2. Students are expected to attend all classes and the correct fee for Competition/Show classes will be raised for the whole term.​ 

3. Fees will only be pro rata when a student starts during a term. 

4. Fees for Open classes will be pay as you go. 

5. Please note all extra rehearsals in addition to set fees laid out by the Academy are not obligatory to attend

6. Refunds will not be given for non-attendance. 

7. If a class is cancelled due to the sickness of the teacher, or any other unforeseen event, the academy  will endeavor to reschedule the class. This may be on a different day or at a different time to when the class was originally scheduled and may involve an extension to the term time dates. If not rescheduled, the appropriate reduction will be made to next term fees  .

8. If a class is cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen events, we may not be able to reschedule and no refunds will be given. Likewise, if the time of a class changes on a student’s set, day and venue, then the student and parents will agree to meet at their new time. If they cannot then no refunds will be given during the term and the fee for half a term will still need to be paid if they do not attend the following term prior to the changed time 

9. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense due to circumstances beyond our control ie Transport, fire, weather or other such situations.



10. Payment can be made by:


Bank Transfer:

Account Number: 54301173 Sort Code:  010832 

Bank transfers should in all instances reference the student's name. Failure to do so may result in the payment being unidentified causing the account to remain outstanding and administration fees may be charged.

By Cash / Cheque to:

To teachers who are responsible for class student is attending 

Cheques to be made out to SDA and please print student's name on the back.

11. We do not accept any liability for cash or cheques given to teachers or any other persons not authorised to receive money. All payments must be made in accordance with Fees, Deposits and Refunds above.



Register / Attendance and Absence

12. A register for each class is maintained by the teacher and records students' attendance for the purpose of health, safety and security. 

Late Payment

13. The payer will receive written notice if payment has not been received in accordance with these terms and conditions. If such notice is required a £10 administration charge may be issued. 

14. The school reserves the right to withhold exam results and / or certificates if there are outstanding amounts on an account. 

Please Give Us

15 Half a term’s written notice (hard copy or e-mail) if you are planning to leave a class. In the absence of this notice half a term's fees will be charged.



Right to Attend, Change Classes, withdrawal and termination of attendance.


16. If fees have not been paid the student may not be allowed to participate in any classes until the fees has been paid in full.

17. Students are required to give half a terms written notice if they wish to withdraw from classes. Failure to inform the Academy of withdrawal will result in the student being liable for half a term's fees. Telling a teacher will not be accepted as notice of intention to withdraw from a class.

18. If the student wishes to change class or start an additional class, the parent / guardian must give their consent in writing to the  dance school Principal so they can be invoiced for the additional or new class. 

19. Written notice may be given via email.



20. Where two or more members of a household attend then  a 50%  reduction on the second child will be applied if paying by term.



Dance Classes / Events

21. It is the student’s or parent’s sole responsibility to ensure the student is physically and medically fit to take part in any activities at Street Dance Academy.

The teacher reserves the right to ask a person to leave the class/ event should they deem a student not physically or medically able to partake.

22. SDA endeavor to ensure that your children are dancing in a safe and comfortable environment. We ask you to bring and collect your child promptly and provide us with written details of changes in drop off/pick up arrangements, special medical needs etc.

23. Students under 16 will not be allowed to leave the dance areas until they are collected.  Written permission is required should you wish your child to be allowed to leave unsupervised

24. SDA does not discriminate on background, race or religion, regularly monitors staff to maintain Academy teaching policies and adheres to Health and Safety procedures to ensure that each child dances in a class appropriate to their level of development.

25. From time to time it is necessary for the teachers to use physical contact when helping to improve students’ posture or assist in movements. This includes physical contact between students i.e. Holding hands.

26. SDA do not accept liability for personal injury or illness to any student attending class/event

27. For safety no jewelry should be worn in class, with the exception of stud earrings only

28. No food or drink may not be brought into the studio, with the exception of water.

29. All mobile phones including parents must be on silent mode, if making a call please leave the room. Student’s phones are to remain in their bags and not touched during a lesson.

Online Classes

30  You should consult your physician/doctor or health care provider before starting any exercise program,  especially if you have pre-existing injuries or physical conditions.  


31 The illustrated exercises and suggested training programs provided by SDA Virtual is for general informational purposes only.  


32 The illustrated exercises and suggested training programs contained within All content Virtually released by SDA has been put together by trained professionals at SDA however all dance and exercise related activity is done at your own risk.


33 It is the viewers obligation to select the correct level of class, suitable for their physical abilities and to be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise. 


34 Although we are confident that the information and exercises are beneficial, you the viewer assume all risk of injury, including death therefrom, in connection with your use of the information and programs provided by SDA Virtual.


35 Under no circumstances do we accept any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of this website, ZOOM Classes, FaceBook Messenger and Facebook SDA sites or reliance on any information provided on this Website. 


36 By pressing play and watching the videos and online tutorials  provided by SDA you thereby confirm that you have read, understood and agree with this Disclaimer of Liability. 


37. Physical conduct may be necessary by members of the teaching Staff. If you have any concerns regarding this matter please contact the Academy’s Principal


Medical Attention during Class / Event

38. Minor injuries may be treated by the teacher using a first aid kit which is provided by the academy unless a letter advising to the contrary is received in writing from a parent or legal guardian.


Code of Conduct

SDA prides itself on being a happy academy with enjoyment being the centre of all our classes. The code of conduct exists to maintain this environment and enable students to reach their full potential.

39. Street Dance Academy reserves the right to refuse any student prior to or after enrollment if unacceptable behavior is displayed in class or events. No refund will be given if a student is asked to leave due to unacceptable behavior.

40. Students will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions or for any other serious misconduct

41. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner whilst attending classes /events and be respectful to both teachers and fellow students at all times. This will ensure the safety and well being of everyone 



Data Protection

42. Street Dance Academy holds information about our customers to enable us to carry out our business as a dance education and training organisation. The information includes the contact details supplied to us and may also include information on examiners, courses and students' records.

43. Street Dance Academy will not disclose your information to third parties except where the law allows or requires, or where you have given your permission to do so.

44. It is the student or parent’s responsibility to ensure that we have the correct details for you or your child and keep us updated of any changes to contact details or health issues 

Filming & Photography

From time to time we may film or take photographs during your class or workshop for publicity and promotional materials and opportunities, whether print, online or broadcast. We will ask for your consent for photography and filming. There is an option for you to opt out should you wish.

45. The unauthorized use of photographic and recording equipment is prohibited.


46. SDA will work towards IDTA exams.  Students will only be entered when they have reached the required standard decided by the teacher.  Students taking Grade exams may be required to attend additional classes in the term before the exam takes place Parents will be notified at the appropriate time.

Lost Property

47. SDA does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. Please make sure all items are named. Any items found will be kept in lost property box. Any items that are not claimed by the end of the term will be disposed of.

48. Content of may not be copied reproduced, downloaded or broadcast for commercial purposes.

49. by using com you agree to use the website and its contents for lawful purposes only and in a way that does not infringe upon the rights of anyone else.

50. Sites that can be accessed through links on are not under our control and we are not responsible for their content. 

51. Photos may be taken of your child at events/competitions etc. and may be published on our website or advertising material.  No child’s name will ever be included with any photos.  If you do not want your child’s photograph to be taken you must inform the principal.

52. Teachers must behave appropriately when on Facebook posting only age appropriate material if friends with members of the academy be it teachers or parents  

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

53. The school reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are Live 24 hours at for students or parents to check at any time.


Agreement to the Terms and Conditions

54. By enrolling yourself or students in the school, parents and guardians or students attending classes are taken to accept the Terms and Conditions.


Julie Harris
Tel: 01785 812126
Mobile: 07931 451801
Street Dance - Teaching For All Ages
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