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SDA Weekly Class Schedule

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There is something for everyone at SDA. We have classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers, all ages, those that want to dance for fun and those that want to take it seriously. . See description of type of teams below

Show Teams

Show teams are a great way to learn moves, build confidence, work as part of a team and have great fun. When you first join the academy we recommend you start with  these teams to grow and become amazing dancers. Show teams dance for 1 or 1.5 hours a week and will showcase at the end of every term in our big shows.

Competion Teams

SDA is not a dance school designed to win competitions that is not our ethos, but we have fun and seem to be really good at winning. All of our teams are well known and we tend to come home from Comps with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.  If you want to take your dancing up a level then competition team is for you!

SDA works intensely twice a week, on different days to produce amazing comp routines, we attend at least 3 comps a year nationwide. The comps teams requires purchase of a uniform in addition to term commitment.

The competition teams are not open to everyone dancers must contact Julie and arrange a trial lesson and probation period of training, then when you are ready, you will become part of out competition teams. Comp teams also have a heavier workload with longer dances and more appearances during each shows, with events often and regular. Teams are made up of 75% of the age category, i.e. you don’t necessarily have to be O18 to be in that team, please contact Julie for more information.

Open  and  Extra  Classes

These classes are run weekly and are drop in and pay as you go.

Open classes take part in most SDA shows but weekly commitment is not required. You attend when you can. It is for those dancers’ who want fun and exercise


Please use the weekly Class Schedule Below for time and location of your class choice

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