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IDTA Medal Test  2024

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Introduction to IDTA Medal Test


We are now working towards our IDTA medal test examinations. The date is booked for Sunday 24th March 2024. For those who are new to the academy or have not done a medal test before, let me explain what it is.


An IDTA Street Dance Exam is where a professional examiner from the International Dance Teaching Association (a highly established dance examination board) comes into the studio and assesses the children’s dancing ability


For the team section, the children will perform a group piece all together that they have learnt in class. Depending on what grade your child is attempting they will perform the following number of solos for their solo exam; Bronze - 2 solos, Silver - 3 solos, Gold and gold plus 4 solos.

Rosette 1 - 5 is a team dance and a Freestyle Circle. Just to put dancer’s minds at ease, the solos are examined in groups of four so dancers are not completely on their own. Your teacher will also go into the room with the younger groups to support. If your child has any special needs or disabilities, we need to inform the examiner. Please let me know beforehand. Please note if you wish to you can apply for special circumstances but this will need to be backed up by medical certificates/evidence.


If the children are successful, they will receive a medal and certificate for each award, team and solo. SDA has had a perfect 100% pass rate for the past 5 years and last year we achieved the never done before feat of every dancer passing with honor’s (the highest mark).


The dancers will receive their awards at our awards show in front of fellow dancers, parents and friends, where we will perform to the parents the work we have done for the exams. This is on the 19th May. IDTA medal tests are a great way to check your progress, build confidence and it looks great in portfolios and CVs. If you are serious about street dance, you can even work your way up to a teacher’s qualification and at higher levels the exam counts towards UCAS points.


Please note if you are in a comp team you are required to be at both the medal test and the awards show.

Medal Test Payment


If you would like to take part in the examinations this year please bring payment (CASHONLY) in to your class teacher. Please bring this in a clearly marked envelope with your name, amount and please state which test you would like to do and which level you last achieved. E.g.

Name: Sarah Shayne
Team: Street Techniques
Current IDTA Grade: Gold Bar 1

Award Applying For March 24: Gold Bar 2

Amount enclosed: £45 payment for team, solo and rehearsal fee
This includes a charge of £5 for your pre examination rehearsal on the day & exam room fee. Please include this payment within your envelope with your examination fee.

Double Award - Team & Solo

Please note it is one payment for team and one for solo. So if you’re on Bronze and you’re doing team and solo it is a total of £36 + £5 for your rehearsal & Exam Room fee. If you choose to only take part in team it would be £18 + £5 for your rehearsal fee. There is deals available on combinations of higher grades please see table below.
Dancers do not have to do both solo and team although most dancers do. If you’re part of a competition team you are expected to attend the examination day and ceremony to perform with your team, even if you’re not paying to do the exam. This way it is fair to the rest of the team that wish to complete team awards.


IDTA Examination Cost

The table below displays  Solo, Team and combined costs. These costings DO NOT include the £5 rehearsal fee so please ensure you add these onto your total when making payment.

On The Day
On the Day


Please arrive on time, we will only have one group in at a time. Exams may run over or earlier so please stick to times. Please DO NOT congregate outside of the studio. Parents may wait in the rehearsal room and can watch the rehearsal. Dancers once the exam has started, you will not be allowed to enter the room and unfortunately the test is non - refundable. Please also check you have paid for your exam before the day, payment cannot be accepted on the examination day. The latest acceptance date for payment is Saturday 16th MARCH. This is final as paperwork has to be sent off and it takes around a week for me to complete it all.


Medal tests will take place at Sandbach Boys School, Crewe Road, Sandbach, CW11 3NS on Sunday 24th March 2024. The timetable of the day is below. Please take note the time of your exam and please be aware that you will be requested to arrive on time (No late arrivals will be accepted) to the Lonsdale Centre Drama Studio across from the dance studio for a rehearsal (see timetable below).

Before  Test

Please check with your teacher at some point during the week the level you are taking. If you do not check you may get the wrong medal and unfortunately they are  non – refundable. Like wise check ALL your paperwork when you sign in! Any mistakes must be cleared up on the day and cannot be rectified after the examination. 

What  Should You Wear

All groups are to wear black jogging bottoms, (no jeans) and clean trainers and any SDA t-shirt. If you don’t have an SDA T-shirt a plain black one is absolutely fine.  The only exception to the tops is the comp teams are to wear their comp costumes

Timetable 2024

Good Luck Everbody !!

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